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Estate planning and probate administration come with a long list of areas that someone may need help in. Trying to tackle any of these areas on your own can result in taking far more time and money than necessary to resolve your situation, or you may not create a strong enough estate plan to avoid disputes from your family. Thankfully, you can get experienced guidance in your administration and planning needs.

At The Law Office of Stephen G. Levy, PLLC, you can find a New York attorney who offers you the legal knowledge you can depend on through your estate planning needs. Attorney Stephen G. Levy has decades of experience helping his clients in these matters and knows how to settle things swiftly and efficiently. Attorney Levy also takes the time to understand your unique needs and develop a custom-tailored strategy to suit them.

The Guidance You Deserve

Mr. Levy can help you with many different issues in this area of law. He understands the difficulties of challenges like:

  • Trusts create a safe way to pass on assets to a loved one while specifying the conditions of the inheritance and even avoiding some inheritance taxes.
  • Probate and estate administration – Settling the estate of a deceased loved one by passing on their inheritance and paying any remaining debt
  • Medicaid planning – Helping clients prepare their finances and relevant documents in order to maximize their chances of getting accepted into the program
  • Asset preservation – Creating ways to protecting the assets you have accrued from taxes and other threats
  • Guardianships – Appointing someone you trust to take the responsibility to look after your loved ones if you can no longer protect them
  • Income, gift and estate tax planning – Making proper tax plans to ensure that you are minimizing the amount of taxes your estate has to deal with
  • Wills – Making your last wishes official in a way that minimizes the chances of anyone disputing your plans
  • Powers of attorney – Appointing someone you trust to make major decisions on your behalf if you cannot act on your own
  • Health care directives – Specifying your medical wishes regarding any particular medical situation

No matter what kind of help you are looking for in your estate planning and administration needs, you deserve an attorney who is committed to your best interests.

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If you are ready to meet with a skilled attorney about your estate planning and probate needs, contact Mr. Levy’s Albany office by calling 518-952-2680 or by emailing him to schedule your initial consultation today.